Saturday, September 12, 2009

Life at pulau Bidong(3D2N)

Is quite happy and excited when we guys,students from UMT are giving such opportunity to go to an island name,Pulau Bidong to explore the nature and also to have fun there(that is wat we feel).Our journey started at 9-7-2009,where we have to travel by bus in order to reach to the jetty-(the only transport to there)of course la,stupid!.Haha,quite fun when we have the chance to sit on the ferry for about 45 minutes.The moment we step on the island,we were amazed by the beauty of the nature,the sand as well as the beach.Its totally different from what i have seen before.(malaka mia-pantai klebang like shit!)
Alot of activities are carried out during the days we at : canoeing,snorkeling,water confident session,fishing on the boat,jungle tracking....We are lucky too as we were guided by fasilitators that are experience on this field!Means we have divers,fisherman,"tarzan" as well,haha!

I m so proud that i belongs to the most unity+efficient+coperate group.Well,if u guys dun believe wat i said,i shall share this video.It was awesome!!!

Before that we have fun along the seaside...Picking seashell and also tankap ketam!Look at this picture,can u ever imagine urself to stay at an isolated island.The week without assignments,without class,without to worry about our foods!!!And the most interesting part is,we dunt even need to pay a cent!

Last day before we are leaving pulau bidong,we could take some photo ,its memorable to us.Thanks again to the fasilitator and also the camp committee,to my friends and also my group members.Bye bye to Pulau Bidong!And to those who have sacrifise their precious time in organizing these activities,I SALUTE you!!!

Dark Friday

As usual,every weekends will b a tiring and busy days.Not to our expectation,biochem lab report seems to get ectangle to me.Trying to have a positive thinking,i determine to finish them on sunday.But unfortunately,i cant do that.With computer class assigments stick together,it makes my "mission" failed.Anyway,i choose to start with computer assignment coz the dateline is on 12/9.
Without futher consideration,i start to do it(friday night,11pm).Till the nex day4.30am(saturday early morning)untill the muslims started with their prayers,only i drag my tiring body +frus feling back to block B2-401.Cant think of y those so called 'Assignment"tooks" me one whole night to finish it.Or should i say is half of my assignment is geting done.Others....haiya,dun bother liao la,sleep..Zzz
THe next day,i was so surprise when my girl friend wake me up,and ask me to continue with the task.I dint even seems to worry at that moment.Rilekla bro...(commonly use word by our gang).lazy at first,but after sometime,i m ok,coz power point task...fulamak,senang senang kacang lar...

It tooks me 2 and a half hours to finish them...Hooray,i left with the movie clip(need to insert into our p.p).BUt without wireless internet connection,i start doubting wether i can finish on time.Never forget that 12pm i still have to rush,to attend my cocu activity,i start to tidy up my place.Boling up the water in order to make myself a set of breakfast( cup of coffee+1 packet of instant noodles+some biscuit).Rilekla,this is the nice meal(breakfast)i ever had in my uni lifeu know...
Get ready to go,sunny afternoon.Biasela...I start to cycle there as my watch shows 12pm.After i had reached there,i was so shock as there were no people inside the hall.Suddenly something flash across my mind.Wahlao,the activity starts at 12.30pm la.Haiz wat to do,sabar again lo
Wehad to do physical training and also to build up our stamina,said our couch.Haiz,no mood to do al those activities la.
The dark side of the day began when i started to cycle back to my hostel.Guess...Wat happened to me?So happened that on that time,the ran falls.Without seconds,rains cats and dogs.Bad day+ bad luck...I continue with my journey since there has no shelter for me to stay.
Well,so soon i got fever with headache.I couldnt imagine wat's to do with my assignment.NO choice but to finish them et right that time.So after i had a shower bath,quickly i ran down to new cafe to online+doin asignment. sad la,sick again!!!And dont ned to mention about my lunch,is just a packet of dutch lady chochalate milk! sad lo,till now i still not manage to finish it.How?Who can lend me a helping hand?The time is geting nearer,like a timing bomb,geting to explode soon!6pm is the time to hand up the assignment,but i wasnt get ready!6.30pm....
7pm...still trying my best to finish them.Another "FXXXable" problem,wasnt able to sent through hotmail account!Walao,now only discovered it!NO way,squeeze my brain hardly just to think of the solution!
With my friends aid,i m able to finish